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Brazilian LTN's

We have buyers ready willing and able to buy as many of these Brazilian LTN's  as you can sell.Bonds must be on Cetip,  Selic or Euroclear We only need the copy of one of the bonds, the serial number(s) and seller's name and after we validate the bond(s) we can furnish a contract within one hour.
Our Buyer will close very quickly if this procedure is followed.

Get Cash Against Bond Instruments

We can monetize just about any Bond instrument including certain Rail Road Bonds, German Bonds and more. Most Bonds will be accepted on Face Values of $200M and up. Our Bond experience is very strong.We will generally take between 2 to 3 weeks  and we can get 50% and even up to 95% LTV on certain Bond Instruments
T-Strips and just about any other Treasuries
Brazilian LTN's
Petrobra™ and Electrobra™ Bonds*
Venezuelan LTN's
Venezuelan Global Bonds
Spanish Blue's & Spanish Purple's
Mexican Bonds
German Bonds
Chinese Bonds
Western European Bonds
US Treasury Bonds
US State Bonds
Railroad Bonds
Government-Backed Bonds

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