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Our non-recourse loan product does not require credit check or financials. There are different variations of the stock loan vehicles across the globe but the underlying model is primarily the same.

How we work:

  • The clients requests loan terms from the us (ideally 3-10 years)

  • Then we analyses the collateral and provides a term sheet

  • The client reviews the terms, signs the documents, then we issue a contract

  • The client signs the contract and sends back to us, then we assist the client in opening their collateral account where pledge shares will be placed

  • Then we send the loan proceeds to the client along with a closing statement and debt schedule

  • Finally, the client makes quarterly interests payments until repayment of the loan and repatriation of the securities.

  • *Please note: this is a non-recourse product, meaning borrower can walk away at anytime without any further obligation